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Bhulekh online dating

In addition, the revenues from running Awadh's armed forces brought them useful returns while the territory acted as a buffer state.The Nawabs were ceremonial kings, busy with pomp and show.The British then helped Saadat Ali Khan take the throne.He became a puppet king, and in a treaty of 1801, yielded large part of Awadh to the East India Company while also agreeing to disband his own troops in favour of a hugely expensive, British-controlled army.Yet another theory states that the city's name is connected with Lakshmi, the Hindu goddess of wealth.

Persian adventurer Saadat Khan, also known as Burhan-ul-Mulk, was appointed Nizam of Awadh in 1722 and established his court in Faizabad, near Lucknow.Emperor Jahangir (1569–1627) granted an estate in Awadh to a favoured nobleman, Sheikh Abdul Rahim, who later built Machchi Bhawan on this estate.It later became the seat of power from where his descendants, the Sheikhzadas, controlled the region.Roundly defeated at the Battle of Buxar by the East India Company, he was forced to pay heavy penalties and surrender parts of his territory.The British East India Company appointed a resident (ambassador) in 1773 and by early 19th century gained control of more territory and authority in the state.

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Under their dominion, music and dance flourished, and construction of numerous monuments took place.