Chinese adult chatting online

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Chinese adult chatting online

This Chinese catchword works more or less like an adjective, and means “like a dog” (Adjective 成狗).

A majority of Chinese netizens also seem to use it as an adjective before another word to emphasize it.You can now hear people use it jokingly in the streets, on TV shows, everywhere!This word doesn’t actually have a meaning, it is a modal word like “Oops”, “ta-da” or “boing!We offer the opportunity to earn money and work freelance at home through international chat moderation.Our chat moderation positions generate all types of dialogues and take place in a variety of languages.

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Now, if you google Duang, in addition to Jackie Chan’s face, you’ll see this everywhere: Since Duang didn’t have a character associated with it in Chinese, netizens came up with this: It’s a combination of Jackie Chan’s name in Chinese Duang written on top.