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One example came when Henrickson was giving the two special instructions this summer on one side of the practice gym.

Every time point guard Natalie Knight circled the perimeter on a jog, one of the twins would slap hands with her or yell encouragement.

“For us, I feel like even if we lose a game, I feel like I’m very confident in my team and what we can do here that we’ll just bounce back from that, and people will see that.

I feel like that will attract people.” Celebrity status Henrickson knows the twins hold huge potential for the program in terms of exposure. It’s where she was and what she did.” The twins already have set high standards for themselves and are unafraid to dream a little.

“If that’s part of it, I think that can only help us.” Social-media darlings The twins have marketed themselves well.

The charismatic pair regularly post on social media — using Instagram, Vine and Twitter — and aren’t shy about putting themselves in the public eye.

“If you’re going to be a losing team, my mom said, then people are going to be like, ‘OK, they’re surface, but not substance there,’” Dylan said.He finished the rest of the 1990 season with 4 hits (2 doubles).The year of 1991 became the first full season of Gonzalez's career.The 10th-year coach Henrickson, who uses Twitter and Vine for recruiting, is aware that many recruits could be following the twins’ social-media accounts online. Both have goals of Sweet 16s and even Big 12 championships at KU.“If this brings attention to our program, whatever they’ve been able to do from a social-media standpoint — and I think they’re sincere, and that’s a part of why they’re doing this, to bring attention to the program — who wouldn’t want more attention to your program? “And they’re two quality young ladies who are very good players, who are very good people, who have great values and really are interested in helping us grow.” Henrickson, who has led KU to consecutive Sweet 16 appearances in the last two seasons, also has seen the benefits other schools have received when their players have earned celebrity status. “We know what we want to do with our life,” Dakota said, “and our life goal is not to accomplish 500,000 Twitter followers.” Copyright 2018 The Lawrence Journal-World. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

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Though the twins spent most of their lives in Denver before moving to Idaho about six years ago, Angie made sure they knew about KU.