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Then, a spell book opens and footage of Max Russo (Jake T. After that, footage of Theresa (Maria Canals Barrera) and Jerry Russo (David De Luise) are shown in a cauldron.

After the footage is played, Alex transports them to Times Square, with Alex waving her wand to reveal the title logo and the name of the creator.

Footage of Alex (Selena Gomez) and Justin Russo (David Henrie) is shown in the Crystal replay ball from the season premiere "Alex Tells the World".

During this, Alex and Mason get back together and, after a long time, Justin finally gets back together with Juliet.

Finally, in the hour-long series finale, Alex, Justin, and Max compete in the family wizard competition.

Max's picture on the front of Future Wizards magazine attracts the daughter of a family of Cucuys (mythical Latino monster) and they invite him to a dinner party on their yacht.

Alex comes up with a scheme to invite Chancellor Tootietootie to the Cucuy party in hopes of getting him to appeal the law against werewolves and mortals dating.

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