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Question is, how do we print them without going to jail? In the first story, Fritz has sex with his own sister, and that was just wild, man.

The Crumb brothers’ Animal Town strips added Fuzzy the Bunny, Charles’ alter ego. Crumb moved to the center of the counterculture in San Francisco after he left his wife with the power of attorney in 1967.

Crumb has kept himself out of further trouble with his music.

He’s into blues, country, bluegrass, Cajun, jazz, big band, swing and a French-style called musette.

He pitched Warner Brothers an inner-city street life script called Heavy Traffic.They put out their first comic book in 1959 in homemade notebooks.The first issue was called “Cat Life” and it recounted the antics of the Crumb family cat, Fred.Robert Crumb practically invented the DIY print culture for magazines and graphic novels.He was still a teenager in his “pre-psychedelic period” when he created the character Fritz the Cat with his big brother Charles.

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