Late 1950s dating habits

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In the 1930s, spaghetti sets, corn-on-the-cob sets and deviled-egg plates were introduced. Families wanted turkey plates for Thanksgiving and in 1938 the first dinnerware set decorated with a Christmas tree was sold.Pastels were still popular and stayed that way most of the century.

Colonial scenes were popular in the 1930s due the restoration of Colonial Williamsburg.

By this time, both men and women were working and families had less time for dinner. They had to withstand a dishwasher, microwave and anything else the need-for-speed family could throw on it.

That’s not to say there weren’t great collections released during this time.

Cream white or ivory sets with elaborate gilding were common.

Homer Laughlin’s brightly colored Fiesta broke new ground.

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Because eating habits changed so drastically from 1900 to 1999 it can be easy to tell by learning a little bit about how families ate together in different decades.

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