Luchezar online dating

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Luchezar online dating

Completed in 1979 after some 26 years, the ARK covers 6,500 square metres and cost an astronomical .6 billion (£3.6b), equivalent to over b (£7.8b) at today’s prices.The price tag is mocked by Serbian artist, Dragoljub ‘Rasa’ Todosijevic, who’s installed a decrepit wardrobe pointlessly rotating outside the bedroom intended for Tito.The bunker contains reflections upon hippie culture, gay rights, Rock and Roll, and environmentalism – all new movements which arose during the days of the Cold War.An elongated chess board, entitled ‘Endgame’, by Bulgaria’s Luchezar Boyadjiev, reflects upon the Cold War’s strategic considerations, whilst Braco Dimitrijević’s gigantic portraits, including one of Margaret Thatcher, consider the vital figures of a war that Hozić insists has never ended.Another of Magdy’s works juxtaposes the words “The future belongs to us” (which is often read as US, for United States) next to an animated sketch of a red dinosaur looking towards a pool of water as a comet or volcano explodes in the background.It is a warning against complacency in all its forms.There are apparently some 28 atomic shelters across Europe, but none have been given over to the service of the arts.

A skull and crossbones on a red background warns of landmines – one of the lingering reminders of the devastating war that wrought havoc across the region in the early nineties.Both question the very systems to which people gave their loyalty and lives.For Hozić, the Cold War was not just a clash between military blocs but between societies.Bosnia’s Mladen Miljanović films himself drinking wine from a green army helmet – a reference to family celebrations for his taking of the military oath, before using the helmet to damage a photograph of himself departing for military service.In a pitch-black room, the late Croatian artist, Edo Murtić, presents luminous skeletons of former army generals, their medals still pinned to their chests.

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