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New Zealand is attracting the immigration of beautiful young Thai women seeking husbands, and the women of New Zealand don't like it.

In fact, the problem is fairly serious one that should not be made light of, since the influx of women from Thailand is leading to an increase in the number of single or sole mothers, there being insufficient marriageable New Zealand men to go round.

That is not the answer, and experts say that the problem relates to growing number of Asian and European females in New Zealand, not just Thai wives.

Current tension between Thai women and New Zealand women is what any red blooded New Zealand guy would love: fights between women wanting to marry them!

These have been accessed either online, or by New Zealand men visiting Thailand and marrying there.

Around 67% of married Thai women in New Zealand have European partners compared to just 7% of Thai men. Callister, "the surplus of women aged 30 -39 is greater today than immediately after World War 1". Callister expected to find the difference to be due to New Zealand men marrying abroad and staying there.

Their assailants were described as European rather than New Zealanders, although accents mean little in a country open to immigration by people from all nationalities.

It is not only Thai women that are responsible for the imbalance between marriageable men and women in New Zealand, and figures show that other Asians such as Filipinos, and also European women have pushed this imbalance to 9% more women aged 30 to 34 than men.

This is one reason for so many Asian women, particularly Thai women, to come to New Zealand when they are able to for reasons of work - or because their New Zealand partners bring them.Also, some Thai women are being verbally and occasionally physically assaulted by New Zealand women.It was reported recently that two Thai women were assaulted in Nelson, a city on the eastern shore of Tasman Bay in South Island.Such marriages, where the husband and wife agree to observe their own religion are encouraging and generally very successful.Thai wives are also discovering a freedom in New Zealand that they did not have in Thailand: the freedom to make decisions relating to the partnership, and receiving respect from their husbands.

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However, now New Zealand has a shortage of nurses, child minders, cleaners, and even prostitutes are in an unofficial shortage.

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