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Rules of dating a soccer player

Any subsequent changes to the result will be ignored for settlement purposes.Total Goals Odd/Even Any match resulting in 0-0 will be settled on an even number of goals.Extra time, golden goals and penalty shoot-outs do not count.Example: Selection: Team A / Team A Wager will be winner if Team A is leading after halftime and after fulltime.Quarter Handicaps Many matches are handicapped in ½ and ¼ intervals; both of which eliminate the possibility of a tie since no one can score a half-goal.Quarter (¼) handicaps split the bet between the two next closest -highest and lowest- ¼ intervals.

Wagers must predict the result at half time and the end of normal time.

Winning Margin Wagers will be determined by the score at the end of normal time (90 minutes) and extra time is excluded.

Which Half will have More Goals This wager refers to the first and second halves only; Extra Time is excluded.

Goal lines for soccer: Costa Rica ½ -130 Germany -½ EV Wagers on the Goal-line are based on 90 minute regulation time plus injury time only.

Extra time and penalty shoot outs If you wager on Costa Rica ½ -130.

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In the event of an abandoned match, wagers for that match will be void. Halftime / fulltime (Double Result) When referring to 45 minutes we refer to "half time".