Statistical analysis online dating

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Statistical analysis online dating

Suprisingly both the 18-28 and 19-29 age groups show that more say that they would not use an online dating site then would use an online dating service .

The bar plot also shows that the responses of the 18-28 and 19-29 age groups have very similar responses.

The chart also shows that the 18-28 and 19-29 age groups were equal with about 27% of respondents in each group.

Our participants in this survey were all over the age of 18.The hisotgram is skewed to the right characterized by a mean(3.65) and a median(2) to the right of the mode(2), and a mean(3.65) greater thant the median(2).To find the center of measure for this histgram we use the median because it does not change by large amounts due to a few extreme values." we review the following scatterplot of paired data.The scatterplot shows a positive correlation with tightly grouped scatter.

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In order to determine if these are accurate responses or errouneous data I went back to the question asked.