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Who is vince vaughn dating now

“South of OK, north of cancer,” is the laconic way Bradley describes how he is feeling at the start of the movie.

It’s at this point that his world unravels all over again.

Everything from its title to its very stylised plot leads us to expect a contemporary equivalent to an old Don Siegel exploitation movie or an Edward Bunker adaptation.

At the same time, the film has an unexpected quirkiness and depth of characterisation.

Bradley endures all the petty humiliations that come with imprisonment in movies like this.

He is strip-searched and forced to give up all his possessions, including his stainless steel wedding ring.

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Bradley’s enemies are likely to have their arms wrenched off or their heads kicked in to a bloody pulp.

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  1. Und dann ist da auch noch der Teil der über 60-Jährigen, die schon zeit ihres Lebens eine eigene Firma führen oder freiberuflich tätig sind.