Women looking foremail sex

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Women looking foremail sex

Many providers are prepared to discuss these topics, but they may assume everything is fine unless you let them know.Many cancer centers have sexual health programs where trained health care providers can help women with any concerns about how cancer treatment will affect their sexual function.It also helps reduce the anxiety that often interferes with good sex. Most states have no laws regulating the title “sex therapist,” so people with no formal training can call themselves sex therapists.But a sex therapist should be a mental health professional (psychiatrist, social worker, or psychologist) with special training in treating sexual problems with sex therapy.If your cancer specialist can’t help you, you should be examined by a gynecologist.

Such clinics provide psychological and medical exams through many different types of health care providers.When the most likely cause of a sexual problem is a hormone imbalance, an endocrinologist might be consulted.(Endocrinologists are experts in the complex cycles and systems that control hormone levels.) Your cancer doctor should be able to tell you if the special knowledge of an endocrinologist is needed.If your partner doesn’t want to go with you to counseling, the health care specialist you see may be able to help you involve your partner.A center that specializes in treating cancer may have experts on staff who can assess and treat sexual problems.

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Ask your cancer care team if sexual activity may be a problem at any time during or after your treatment.

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